Channeling my Inner Marie Kondo

Is anyone else hearing about ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ nearly everywhere you go? Yeah? Me too!

After hearing it mentioned on the K-Love morning show, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and check it out for myself. I went home and asked my husband if he had heard anything about it and of course, he said yes. So we sat down on our couch, turned on Netflix, and eagerly waited to see what this girl was all about.

Wow! She’s adorable. Let me tell you. It only took one episode for me to decide that I wanted to follow her example in our own home. The concept is nothing new: minimize clutter. However, the way in which she describes the process makes it seem totally doable and even fun. Did I mention that she’s adorable? So during the next few days, I tore through boxes of clothes that rarely see the light of day (a.k.a. clothes with tags still on them). In approximately two minutes’ time, I was feeling sick at the sight of all the clothes that I had somehow managed to accumulate. I mean, who actually NEEDS that many clothes? 

I’ve now downsized my wardrobe and couldn’t be any happier about it. It feels so light and refreshing to know that I have just what I need; no more of that extra clutter in our lives that can weigh us down. You know, all of the stuff that I just ‘had to have’ once upon a time. I hauled away four full boxes of once-loved goodies and haven’t missed them since!

What about you? Will you be channeling your inner Marie Kondo anytime soon?

Much love -Aud

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