I Wasn’t A Weenie

Weenie, Wimp, Fraidy Cat…whatever you want to call it, OCD tends to turn me into one. 

When my OCD rears its ugly head, I begin to be calculate every move. Should I touch that? Should I sit there? Is that dirty? These patterns of thought can sometimes lead me to pass on something that would otherwise be a fun adventure. This almost happened during a recent trip to Chicago. However, thanks to my fear of missing out, I can say that I wasn’t a weenie.

Trying New Things

One of my all-time favorite things to do is to travel to locations where movies/tv shows were filmed. I enjoy being able to recognize buildings and landmarks from my favorite films. My husband always tags along on these trips, but he has a very different agenda: eating. He loves visiting new restaurants and little hole-in-the-wall locations, especially ones that have been featured on Food Network. So while this is all new and exciting for him, it often leaves me feeling uneasy. With my OCD, I like to stick with my tried and true restaurants so that I know what to expect. But I felt the need to make an exception in Chicago.

Adventurous Eating

When in Chicago, do as the Chicagoans do! Am I right? 

I knew that I wanted to experience as much of Chicago as possible. I also knew that it would involve eating a famous Chicago dog. So this began my adventurous eating journey. Okay, so it wasn’t actually adventurous for the average Joe. It was just a hotdog. But finding an Aud-approved hotdog can actually be quite tricky once you factor in my fear of germs and vegan diet. So while my husband was lined up at the hotdog stand ready to place his order, I hesitated while secretly hoping they were out of the veggie dogs I saw advertised on the menu.


I quickly found out that they did indeed have the veggie dogs in stock. Now what excuse do I have? 

We placed our orders and I nervously waited at a table for two. I didn’t dare look at the young man that was preparing my food; with contamination OCD, the less I see during food prep, the better. My husband got our food and joined me at the table, only to dive right in with his hotdog. I stared at mine and began to overthink the whole thing. I just knew that it had to have germs on it. It just had to! 

The Pep Talk

My Chicago dog, complete with a pickle and poppy seed bun, stared back at me for what felt like forever. After a quick pep talk with myself, I took a bite. It was delicious! I would have offered a bite to my husband, but he insists that vegan food tastes like cardboard. He just doesn’t know what he’s missing. So I had my little Chicago dog all to myself, germs and all. And you know what, I lived! I most definitely wasn’t a weenie 🙂

What’s your story of overcoming your chronic weenie-ism?


Oh, and if you’re ever in Chicago, I highly recommend checking out this hot dog place: America’s Dog & Burger

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  1. Melinda says:

    I am ONE PROUD MOM❣💕❣💕 and never quite thought about it in a weinerism sort of fashion. My heart celebrates with you and couldn’t be any more proud of you if you were my very own daughter: but wait, you ARE my daughter and I love you love you love you 🤗🤗🤗

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