Journaling for Mental Health

Do you keep a journal for your mental health?

I have always loved the idea of journaling. I like to imagine myself sipping a cup of coffee while documenting my thoughts. Unfortunately, just like my big dream of working out everyday, it just doesn’t happen.

What’s my excuse? Absolutely nothing.

I have plenty of time to turn this journaling dream into a reality. While work and errands do take up a good chunk of anyone’s day, I’m guilty of ‘wasting’ my time doing things like scrolling through social media and watching every season of a show on Netflix in record time! Any fellow binge-watchers out there?

So even though it’s already February and I just noticed that I haven’t even flipped the page on my wall calendar, I’m making a resolution to be consistent with journaling. I already have several empty journals just waiting to be filled. The goal is to use writing as a form of therapy and get all of those jumbled up thoughts down on paper, almost like a form of creative writing. You can be as structured or as spontaneous as you wish!

Example Journal Prompts:

  1.  What makes you most happy? Why?
  2.  What is your favorite trait about yourself?
  3.  Write a letter to your future self and/or past self
  4.  10 things you feel thankful for and why
  5.  Who has been your greatest supporter?
  6.  What positive lessons have you learned from your mental illness?
  7.  What new perspectives have you gained?


What are your thoughts on journaling? Are you willing to give it a try?

For even more ideas on how to use journaling for mental health, check out this post from Buzzfeed.

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