Lessen Stress While Traveling

Looking to Lessen Stress While Traveling?

If I could only give one bit of advice on how to decrease your stress during vacation, it would be this:

Know. Your. Triggers.

What do I mean by this? When you know what triggers your stress, and I mean really know, you can anticipate what will send you into a panic and plan ways to avoid it ahead of time. Sound complicated? Keep reading to find out exactly how to do it.

As you may know, one of my main triggers is animals. You can read more about that here. Since most people are animal lovers and could never imagine going on a vacation without their precious fur babies, lots of hotels welcome pets with open arms. Can you see how this creates a problem for me? Whenever I plan a trip, the absolute first thing that I do is research my options and find a hotel with a no pets policy. Harsh, I know.

By doing so, I can be sure that I can walk through the hotel lobby without a cute pooch trying to lick me.

Make it Work for You

This planning ahead strategy will work for many other triggers as well. Are you planning a trip to a large city but you hate driving through heavy traffic? Maybe you can find a hotel that is within walking distance of the major attractions. Maybe you worry about the cleanliness of hole-in-the-wall restaurants and only eat at chain locations. A quick internet search can let you know what your options are in that area. Doing this quick and easy things can definitely help you plan ahead and help avoid any extra stress during your trip. After all, aren’t vacations meant to be relaxing? So get out there and enjoy yourself!

Much love-Aud

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