Staying Positive: Is it really that simple?

My husband made a comment that really got me thinking. He said that when I talk about my OCD, I seem much more positive than I really am sometimes. Well…he has a point.

It’s true that I DO try to stay positive about my OCD and anxiety, especially when talking to others. Does this mean that it’s always so easy? Absolutely not. Some days fly by with ease while others seem like torture from the moment I leave the house. So how can we stay positive through all the trials that mental illness brings?

In a nutshell…fake it ’till you make it! I’m sure you’ve heard that the physical act of smiling can do wonders for your current state of mind. So why not smile and make an effort to feel better! After all, smiling is free and contagious 🙂 Will you try smiling more today and every day?

Much love -Aud


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